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Our Story

TCS started as a small family business, and we have always prioritized building strong relationships with our clients. We value personal connections and treat each client as an individual, not just a number. When turning ideas into reality, we believe in using a creative approach. By collaborating closely with our clients, we make sure to understand and address their specific preferences and requirements.

We are driven by values

Our values emphasize a spirit of innovation, challenging us to continuously seek out new and improved methods, materials, and technologies that will allow us to deliver construction solutions that are not just functional, but truly exceptional in their quality and sustainability. Underlying it all is an abiding passion for our craft and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. It is this alignment of our actions with our deeply-held values that has earned us a sterling reputation in the industry and sustained our success over the years. No matter the project or challenge we face, we approach it with the same unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and an uncompromising commitment to doing what is right. This is the Taylor Construction Services difference.

Super Efficient

Problem-solving abilities to expertly overcome challenges that arise during the construction process. 

Deeply Committed

Keen eye for detail, ensuring that every aspect of a project is meticulously executed to the highest standards of quality and safety

Highly Skilled

Reputation as a trusted, collaborative partner who can seamlessly guide a construction project from conception to completion.